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About Us

Building an actionable product value management platform

Intelo was born out of a shared pain point. In our previous experiences, as we served our customers, we witnessed the challenges that arise when we couldn’t quickly connect the dots about what our customers need as opposed to the intel we were hearing on what they want to creating product value. The most frustrating aspect was having all the necessary data points right in front of us, but they were often obscured by the noise surrounding the data. We found ourselves needing to piece together information scattered across various individuals and systems.

Now, we are proud to say that we not only possess the ability to capture data, but we also have the tools to extract its value. If you can relate to this pain point, we encourage you to reach out to us. Let’s connect and explore how we can help you unlock the true potential of your data.

Team Members

A passionate lean team with the thirst to build next-generation account management platform using AI.

Data Points Captured​
1 M+

We have captured interactions including customer news, emails, slack chatter, teams chats, meetings and contracts till date.

Positive Feedback
0 %

We are proud of a 100% customer satisfaction score for the product. With no customer churn experienced till now, we are definitely practicing what we are preaching.

Net ARR Growth
5 %

Our customers have seen an average ARR growth of 28% from their existing account base within 6 months of adopting the product.

Meet Our Leadership Team

Roopesh Nair

Roopesh Nair

Chief Executive Officer
Roopesh is a data and AI expert with previous experience as CEO building a recruitment marketing SaaS platform. He has strong engineering background with undergraduate degree from IIT and MBA from Columbia University.
Mukund Surendran

Mukund Surendran

Head of Product and People
Mukund brings a unique leadership perspective having run point as engagement lead and product consultant in technology services industry and extensive experience as CHRO taking a company public. Mukund has an MBA from ISB.
Praseetha Nair

Praseetha Nair

Head of Customer
Praseetha is our fearless leader who ensure that customers get what they need. Her background in strategy consulting and product management helps her balance customer needs with the needs of the product. Praseetha has an MBA from University of Texas, Dallas.
Andrew Feigenson

Andrew Feigenson

Sales and Business Advisor
Andrew has been the CEO of multiple SaaS and Services companies. His approach involves re-framing strategic problems, building growth-minded and action-oriented cultures and applying technology to invent new products.
Alisha Mrugal

Alisha Mrugal

Domain Advisor
Alisha brings a clear perspective in account management and customer success having lead customer success and sales teams across multiple SaaS companies. She is the internal domain expert.

Customer Love Obsessed

Intelo was created with the vision of achieving "Customer Love" at scale. The DNA of our product and our company acts as the base for how we love our customers.

Keep It Simple

We look for simplicity within complexity. The data we work with and the interactions that our clients have with their customers are complex, but we work tirelessly to make process simple for our clients.

Dare to Fail

We believe there is no learning without failure. We encourage each other to do things that have never been done before and in that process enable us to grow. Innovation becomes the by-product.

Live Intelo

We preach the principles that we built into Intelo, transparency and open communication. A strong and honest foundation is what makes both the team as well as the product, Intelo.AI outstanding.

Our Values

Core principles that guide us

Our founders first met at a company called Sapient that was know for reinventing itself multiple times while it’s competitors didn’t survive the disruption. The only element that  stayed consistent and was a huge driver for the success of the company was their core values.

We were and are determined to build a company that has core values as the foundational principle that guides us through the lifecycle of our journey.

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