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Building Trust and Driving Success through Customer Feedback

  • Welcome to another enlightening episode of Customer Success Insights Exchange! In this panel discussion, we have gathered experienced professionals who are experts in building successful customer teams. In previous exchanges, we discussed the significance of customer outcomes and striking a balance between product and users to ensure customer success. However, this time, we are taking a different approach. We’re focusing on the importance of customer feedback, both good and bad, and how it contributes to building trust and driving success.

Meet our Panelists:

  • Angela Carmack – Director of Customer Success at Award Co.
  • Chad Hornfeld – Head of Enterprise Customer Success and Services at Customer (a part of Meta).

"Customer Success is a balance between the inherent trust that your customers have in you and the value that they realize.."

The Value of Customer Feedback

Angela Carmack shared a crucial insight during the discussion – the worst-case scenario for any customer success team is when the customer remains silent. Gathering feedback, whether it’s positive or negative, provides invaluable insights into how to improve and strengthen the partnership with customers. Angela emphasized that feedback, even when negative, is a gift because it offers a roadmap for bettering the customer experience. Furthermore, she highlighted the significance of cross-functional collaboration within the organization, where various teams work together to interpret and utilize customer feedback effectively.

Chad Hornfeld supported Angela’s point of view and shared his experiences in implementing the Voice of Customer (VoC) surveys at his organization. By working with product and marketing teams to gain buy-in, they successfully collected feedback and identified areas for improvement. Chad stressed the importance of maintaining cross-functional relationships and using feedback to enhance the overall customer experience.

Creating Trust through Iteration

Both panelists appreciated the dynamic nature of customer success and the opportunity to think like scientists. Customer success teams constantly iterate and experiment with various approaches to deliver value and build trust with customers. By adopting this scientific mindset, they can measure the results and fine-tune their strategies for optimal outcomes.

The Power of Communication

Chad and Angela also emphasized the significance of communication within the organization. Ensuring that all teams are on the same page and aware of customer feedback helps build trust and aligns efforts toward achieving customer success. By amplifying positive feedback and collaborating on negative feedback solutions, teams can create a cohesive customer success approach.


The Customer Insights Episode 3: Building Trust and Driving Success through Customer Feedback, shed light on the importance of listening to customer feedback, be it positive or negative. For customer success teams, feedback acts as a valuable guide in improving the customer experience and driving success. By creating a culture of cross-functional collaboration, interpreting customer feedback, and iterating on strategies, customer success teams can strengthen their relationships with customers and ensure ongoing success.


To gather more deeper insights into the topic, watch the full video in this post and hear it from the leaders themselves. 

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