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Discover how Tovuti partnered with to elevate Net Revenue Retention (NRR) by an impressive 43%. Unleash the potential of AI for growth

September 19, 2023/

Find out how value management helped grow Tovuti’s net revenue retention by 43% within one year Who is Tovuti ?…

Ushur Case Study -

September 15, 2023/

How we helped Ushur grow its ARR by 47% Situation Ushur had a large number of customer interactions and contracts…

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Brad Davis, Founder of Success Panda, shares insights on effective customer success strategies.

June 5, 2024/

Introduction Explore Brad Davis’s insights on effective customer success strategies. As the Founder of Success Panda, Brad emphasizes the importance…

Casey Bernart shares insights on mastering customer engagement and CX vision.

May 30, 2024/

Introduction Explore the strategic customer engagement vision of Casey Bernart. Casey shares insights on architecting a comprehensive CX strategy that…

Parmeet Kaur, Vice President Renewals and Support at SecurityScorecard, shares insights on unlocking customer success.

April 30, 2024/

Introduction Discover the secrets to unlocking customer success with Parmeet Kaur, Vice President of Renewals and Support at SecurityScorecard. Gain…

Sarah Caminiti - Vice President of Customer Success at DNSimple.

January 8, 2024/

Approach every interaction with kindness, recognizing that everyone has good and bad days. Avoid making assumptions about intentions; instead, ask…

Michelle Irving, Senior VP of Customer Experience at Map My Customers

January 8, 2024/

Be People-Centric: Prioritize team and customer well-being for exceptional service and strong relationships. Seamless Onboarding: Create a smooth process post-sale…

Jyo Shukla - Customer Experience and Transformation Leader at Raptiv.

November 24, 2023/

In the SaaS industry, prioritize a measurable customer experience strategy for better financial results and satisfaction. Focus on helping customers…

Noel Nguyen, Senior Director Customer Engineering at Phonism, unravels the secrets of effective customer success. Explore the strategic role of empathy, the profound impact of interpersonal skills, and the art of relationship management for enduring customer partnerships.

November 24, 2023/

In Customer Success, empathy serves as the guiding compass, transforming consultations into trusted partnerships by aligning with the customer's vision.…

Kevin McCahill - Mastering the art of humanizing customer success at Envase Technologies.

October 17, 2023/

Humanize the process by treating customers as individuals. Use Emotional Intelligence for empathy and active listening to build trust. Follow…

Anna Lukianenko - Mastering the customer success mindset for Breakthrough's success.

October 5, 2023/

Unhappy customers are valuable assets providing feedback and improvement opportunities. Customer Success is a mindset, measuring team success by customer…

Parul Bhandari - Navigating the intricacies of value exchange for South Asian Success.

October 5, 2023/

Customer Success is all about exchanging value: the company provides products/services/data, and customers contribute revenue/data/references. Being data-minded is crucial, focusing…

Anju Olson - Navigating the realm of customer success with a focus on advocacy and trust-building at Sestra Systems.

September 19, 2023/

Be the customer voice, ensuring trust and goodwill. Pick up the phone for effective communication and relationship building. Provide actionable…

Navigate the path to success with Charles Leveillee's insights on Customer Success journey mapping.

September 12, 2023/

Create a customer journey map to personalize support. Prioritize understanding human behavior for customer loyalty. Develop a winning team by…

JoJo Kalita, Vice President of Customer Success at 4th Down Solutions, shares profound insights into leadership, emotional intelligence, client onboarding, and the art of leaving a lasting impression in the realm of customer success.

September 11, 2023/

Lead with emotional intelligence to build trust with your team. Anticipate client needs by treating the relationship as a partnership.…

Sumanta Paul, Customer Success Manager at Classplus, shares insights into the strategies that drive individualized customer success. Learn how Classplus prioritizes personalized assistance and data-driven insights to enhance the customer experience.

September 11, 2023/

Provide personalized support, tailor strategies to diverse needs, and measure success with data-driven insights. As a customer success manager, understanding…

Chad Horenfeldt, VP of Customer Experience at PathFactory, explores the nuances of customer success. Dive into the delicate balance of trust-building and value realization, and uncover the evolving role of CSMs with heightened business acumen and analytical thinking.

September 8, 2023/

Introduction Discover the nuances of customer success with Chad Horenfeldt, the esteemed VP of Customer Experience at PathFactory. Chad shares…

Vivianne Spiller, Head of Customer Success at Zenvia, shares insights on building efficient customer relationships anchored in trust. Explore the strategies that define Zenvia's success in customer satisfaction and loyalty.

September 7, 2023/

The cornerstone of efficient Customer Success is trust. This trust, established between the customer and CSM, internal areas, and within…

Mavi Etzyon-Grizer, Global Director of Customer Success at WIZ, shares insights on proactive engagement, trust building, and delivering a continual customer experience. Explore the strategies that define WIZ's success in customer satisfaction and loyalty.

September 7, 2023/

Proactive outreach prevents issues, builds trust, and maintains strong relationships. Early CSM introduction ensures a seamless customer experience. A success…

Dana Booker, Senior Strategic Customer Success Manager at LearnUpon, shares insights on customer churn management, fostering curiosity and empathy in CSM, and building robust cross-functional relationships. Explore the keys to success in customer engagement and collaboration at LearnUpon.

August 25, 2023/

In customer churn, offer top-notch service, gather feedback, and showcase features. Curiosity and empathy define successful CSMs, understanding customer needs…

Dillon Young, Sr Enterprise Customer Success Manager at Maxwell, unveils insights on challenging assumptions, adopting a revenue mindset, and mastering relationship development in customer success. Explore the keys to success in navigating the intricate landscape of customer success at Maxwell.

August 25, 2023/

Challenge assumptions, adopt a revenue mindset, and maintain a strong customer focus. Contribute to the bottom line while delivering value…

Emily Alves Dos Santos, Head of Partnerships at +Purpose, shares insights on crafting personalized experiences, building customer relationships, and mastering effective communication in customer success. Explore the keys to success in navigating the dynamic landscape of customer success at +Purpose.

August 25, 2023/

To ensure customer success, focus on creating personalized experiences, building strong relationships, and maintaining effective communication. Establishing a deeper connection…

Maribeth Baldassarri, Cloud Customer Experience Lead at Google, unveils the secrets of trust-building, authenticity, and empathy in customer success. Explore the unique strategies that define Google's approach to fostering meaningful connections with customers.

August 23, 2023/

Do what you say, avoid empty promises. Be empathetic by understanding personal and professional impacts of challenges. Build trust by…

Jennifer Chiang, Product Manager at Seso Inc., shares insights into tailoring customer success strategies by understanding the dynamics of product complexity and user complexity. Explore the innovative matrix that defines Seso Inc.'s approach to revolutionizing, delighting, automating, and simplifying customer success.

August 23, 2023/

Understanding Product and User Complexity is key for effective CS. Plotting them on a matrix reveals focuses: revolutionize, delight, automate,…

Unlock the secrets of customer success with Dali Jung.

August 23, 2023/

Customer Success hinges on strong relationships, regular communication, and trust. Managing expectations, aligning sales and success teams, and adapting to…

Unlock the secrets of customer success with Bonnie Fine

August 23, 2023/

Customer Success is about building relationships and finding tailored solutions. Ask follow-up questions, manage expectations, and be responsive to build…

Unlock the secrets of customer success versatility with Parul Vij Chopra.

August 22, 2023/

Customer Success Managers must adapt, integrating into both company and customer teams, understanding business and culture to build trust. Customer…

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