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Explore the strategic customer engagement vision of Casey Bernart. Casey shares insights on architecting a comprehensive CX strategy that engages prospects, leads, and customers throughout their brand journey. Learn about creating scalable frameworks for customer acquisition, support, and retention, while aligning organizational goals with customer-centric principles to promote growth and satisfaction.

Casey Bernart-Customer Experience ExecutiveCustomer Experience ExecutiveCustomer Experience ExecutiveCustomer Experience ExecutiveCC


● Architect a strategic CX vision for engaging with prospects, leads, and customers throughout the entire brand journey

● Generate data-driven and scalable frameworks for acquiring, supporting, and retaining customers

● Create customer segments, ideal profiles, and journey maps to streamline touchpoints, accelerate growth, and maximize profitability


● Develop organizational goals to increase customer acquisition, enhance satisfaction, and promote expansion

● Cultivate a constructive company culture and build brand loyalty by aligning internal priorities with external ethos

● Implement processes to optimize operational efficiency and deliver consistent experiences for every interaction within the customer lifecycle


● Leverage automated technology that reduces time spent on invaluable actions to increase opportunities for valuable interactions

● Remove unnecessary contributors to employee burnout and adoption discrepancies (It’s 2024 – conducting extensive, live user training is simply inefficient and ineffective)

● Implement feedback loops, monitor analytics, and asses results to continuously improve outcomes

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RefAssured is reference checking…reimagined. We understand the challenges staffing agencies face, and get what it takes to compete in a complex industry. Built on decades of experience, we are a true consultative partner—helping agencies seamlessly automate reference checking to validate talent quality, impart third-party credibility, improve critical KPIs, and transform new leads into added revenue. The cost of a bad hire is expensive. Up to 30% of the employee’s first-year earnings, to be exact. Modern staffing must drive revenue, accelerate hiring, and deliver top-tier candidates. RefAssured does it all and more with one simple tool, trusted and used by Bullhorn Ventures and staffing industry veterans. Experience a faster time to interview, offer, and hire with reference checking that changes the game!

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