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Explore Brad Davis’s insights on effective customer success strategies. As the Founder of Success Panda, Brad emphasizes the importance of understanding the C-Suite’s perspective on customer success, allocating budgets for creating peak moments, and focusing on delivering product results that align with customer needs. Learn how these strategies can enhance customer satisfaction, retention, and growth.


Brad Davis-Founder,Success Panda

  •  When you are looking for a job in Customer Success, you must understand how the C-Suite views customer success. Do they see it as support? Cost Center? Happy Customers? A mixed of all the above? Some executives do not value, appreciate, or understand CS and you need to know that before joining.
  •   CSMs should have a “creating peak moments budget”. Creating peak moments for customers results in stickiness, renewals, and expansion. Give front line CSMs $500/year to use in creative ways to create peak moments with customers and you”ll be shocked at the ROI.
  •   Customers don’t care about your product, they care about the results from your product. The old saying “People don’t buy a 1/2″ drill bit, they buy a 1/2″ hole.” Study jobs-to-be-done theory and look at your product through the lens of “What job did our client hire us to do.” Ask the client, listen, and continually hit on those jobs and you”ll deliver value again and again.

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Success Panda is the Customer Success Marketplace. Whether you’re looking for a mentor, coach, consultant, mock interview, community, or event we have your covered! Launching May 2024.

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