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Meet Revenue Forecasts Consistently
with Customer Success AI

Intelo empowers SaaS teams to predictably maximize value for and from their customers. Our AI provides the insights, tools, and automation you need to drive customer outcomes, fuel sustainable revenue, and reduce churn.

Dashboard Visualization - Customer Success AI - net revenue retention


Are you experiencing any of these pain points ?

Delayed customer interventions

Do you find yourself being pulled into customer escalations much later than you would have preferred to be informed?

Missed sales opportunities

Do you discover possible upsell or cross-sell opportunities missed in your reviews due to the team not identifying the signals or patterns coming out of your customer conversations?

Missed risk signals

Are you missing out on identifying customer churn possibility because several events that increase risk are not being shared with you in a timely manner?

Missed forecasts

Is you team missing forecasts because you are unable to create consistent value from existing customers and balancing misses in new logos?


How our platform addresses this?

Escalation maximize revenue

Risk Management

The value management platform detects risk trends among your customers by continuously training models on your industry and historical data. These insights are synced and surfaced to you through the platform of your preference.

Conversations maximize revenue

Interactions Analysis

The value management platform analyzes any unstructured data you direct the AI towards. Trained on SAAS and account management taxonomy, the AI identifies crucial patterns from all your customer interactions.

Opportunities maximize revenue

Identify valuable leads

Unearth potential upsell or cross-sell opportunities overlooked in your reviews (or not analyzed at all). Identify signals and patterns emerging from customer conversations, emails and product usage.

Relationships maximize revenue

Not another SAAS tool

Value management seamlessly integrates into CRM and Project Management tools. Existing connector to CRMs HubSpot, Salesforce, and PM looks Asana, Smartsheets or Rocklane enhances value by working across your tech stacks.


Managing Customer Outcomes

  • Intelo’s dashboards transcend vanity metrics, showing how customer outcomes link to product usage for impactful prioritization by CS teams and executives.

  • Track use case adoption and visualize ROI per customer with configurable reports, ensuring alignment on value realization.

Dashboard Visualization - Customer Success AI -Outcome Health
Dashboard Visualization - Customer Success AI -Risk and Opportunity


Risks & Opportunities

  • Our AI engine analyzes product interactions, customer sentiment, and external data to proactively surface at-risk accounts, hidden expansion potential, and actions your team should take.

  • Intelo equips your team to identify and execute on upsell/cross-sell opportunities tied directly to how customers are using your product.


Streamline & Automate your Workflows!

  • Tired of tedious tasks? automates your workflows, freeing you to focus on what matters most: your customers.
  • Auto-generate QBRs, streamline to-dos, and proactively manage customer needs with ease.


Prebuilt integrations

Value management platform integrates with a variety of enterprise tools, enabling you to turbo charge your existing processes with comprehensive insights on all customer interactions. The information sits in your CRM ( Salesforce or Hubspot ) so that Intelo is not another platform in the mix.

Dashboard Visualization - Customer Success AI -Integrations
Dashboard Visualization - Customer Success AI -360 customer view


360 Customer View

Value management platform provides a comprehensive view of every customer, aggregating key metrics to present a complete picture in easy to understand views including health and contextual role-based insights. Accurate customer data and status is always on!


Customer Health

Value management platform runs surveys, checks tickets, enter pulse and capture data from all your key status meetings to give you useful insights and timely nudges. Explainable AI generated customer health scores and trends helps you understand how you got there, uncovering hints for future action plans.

Customer Health in Customer Success AI
Interaction Insights - customer success AI


Intelligent conversation highlights

Connect seamlessly with Intelo and let it automatically capture meeting, email and channel summaries, sentiment, and key topics.

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