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Find out how value management helped grow Tovuti's net revenue retention by 43% within one year

Who is Tovuti ?

Founded in 2017, Tovuti LMS is an adaptive, people-first learning platform that integrates technology, data, and content to foster an environment that promotes growth, agility, and higher performance. Tovuti has more than 500 customers across the globe and are heavily focused on net revenue retention from their customers. For more information, please visit

Tovuti LMS Net Revenue Retention

Leaving money on the table

Tovuti, amid rapid growth, expanded its CSM team to meet customer demands. However, this expansion posed challenges, particularly in proactively identifying renewal risks and capitalizing on potential upsell opportunities.

While HubSpot effectively handled sales, Tovuti faced issues with a CS platform that claimed zero churn. The platform, though, proved challenging due to its non-intuitive design and manual report generation requirements. This led to poor CS team adoption and wasted time for CS leaders on administrative tasks rather than client engagement.

In search of an intuitive, cost-effective solution, Tovuti sought a tool that could streamline processes, enhance usability, and proactively guide customer success teams to optimize net revenue retention.

Change the game – Proactive insights and not reactive reports

Intelo.AI seamlessly integrated data from various sources, including HubSpot, Pendo, Zendesk, and JIRA, within a short timeframe. Leveraging its AI capabilities, it promptly began delivering insights on potential renewal risks and upsell opportunities.

For a product-led growth company like Tovuti, the transition from trial to contract is pivotal. Through usage analysis, Intelo efficiently identified customers at risk of conversion and recognized patterns indicating upsell opportunities. It actively nudged CSM teams to take timely action.

What captivated Tovuti about Intelo was that CS teams didn’t need to access a separate platform to track and initiate actions; everything was available on Slack. This streamlined tasks such as entering customer pulse information, triggering surveys, and setting action reminders directly on Slack, significantly enhancing ease of use and adoption.

The delivery of high-quality insights and the notable increase in user adoption by CSMs played a key role in driving net revenue retention for Tovuti.

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Unlocking Net Revenue Retention: Generated Insights for Tovuti

Customer XXXXXX is ready for upsell conversation. Their segment based on industry and with similar usage patterns in course creation and selection section have shown 95% affinity to the personalization module.
Upsell Opportunity
Based on the analysis of tickets coming in during and post implementation, customer XXXXXXX might be at risk. The adoption is also low as compared to customers from a similar industry and of the same size.
Risk Alert
Senior exec at customer XXXXXX, who has a strong relationship with the team, left the organization 5 months ago. Since then, the number of tickets decreased, which might indicate dropping adoption.
Warning Alert
Increase in Upsells
100 %
Reduction in Renewal Risk
1 %
Insights Generated
1 +

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