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Join Anju Olson, VP of Strategic Partnership and Customer Success at Sestra Systems, as she delves into the art of customer success advocacy. Anju unveils the strategic importance of being the customer voice, representing their interests, and fostering trust through transparent representation. Discover the transformative impact of personal communication, the vitality of picking up the phone, and delivering actionable insights to propel customer growth. Explore how advocacy becomes the cornerstone of unparalleled customer success journeys

Anju Olson- Strategic Partnership Consultant

  • Be the Customer Voice. Simply put, speak up on behalf of and represent the customer when they are not in the room. Successful relationships are built on trust and doing the right thing for each other, which in turn, build goodwill to help weather hard times.
  • Pick Up the Phone. In this digital era of communications, it is vital to pick up the phone and call our customers. It allows us to convey tone effectively which can sometimes be lost or misinterpreted in email. Secondly, we can often streamline the process of reaching the next value-add for them. Live discussions build stronger relationships and also add some fun to the day.
  • Provide Actionable Information. When providing analytics and insights, an opportunity to deliver added value presents itself. By not only explaining what happened but also why it is important, we transform simple observations into something actionable and ultimately, helping to grow our customer’ business.

About Anju Olson

Influential executive, adept at developing and executing channel & strategic partnerships to propel business growth. Expert at forging connections with product innovation, from concept to scale, to generate revenue. Leads with energy, curiosity and optimism. Experience in start-up, medium, and large corporations.

About Company

At Sestra Systems, we believe in possibility, so we turn the spotlight on innovations that compel clients to imagine what their beverage programs could be. Our cloud-based platform transforms any dispenser into a Smart Dispensing™ solution, providing unprecedented control over access and dispensing, insights into behavior and trends, and integrations with a host of other systems. With the most versatile solution in the industry, Sestra addresses the needs of every venue – large or small, self-serve or behind the bar – on one common, state-of-the-art platform. Sestra Systems is an award-winning technology company born to fill a need long ignored by the market. Headquartered in Sterling, VA, our clients span coast to coast, including casinos, stadiums, performing arts centers, restaurants, and more.

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