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Embark on a journey through the versatile world of Customer Success with Parul Vij Chopra, Head of Customer Success at Avatour. Parul shares valuable insights into the intricacies of building trust, aligning with customer culture, and fostering cross-functional understanding for a robust customer success strategy.


Parul Vij Chopra - Head of Customer Success, AVATOUR

  • CS Managers should be like a chameleon: CS is a unique role that requires you to be versatile and be an integral part of not just the company you are employed with, but also become a part of the customer’s team, where you develop a genuine interest in working with people and the company. Take the time to understand why the customer bought your product and how it relates in terms of value to their core business. Go the extra mile to comprehend the customer’s culture and work styles, and adjust your approach accordingly. By doing so, you can establish trust and a strong relationship as a trusted advisor.
  • Customer Success should be a motto across the entire organization. Even though it may seem easy for other functions to disregard the day-to-day challenges faced by the CS team while working with customers, and driving usage to retain and expand revenue. However, gaining visibility into it is important across all functions so that they can understand how their roles impact delivering value to actual users. A product that will satisfy customers today and tomorrow should be based on insights fed from CS to Product, which should be positioned at the core of the organization.

Confirming the first value should be a defined stage in your customer’s lifecycle: Right between Customer Onboarding and Adoption there should be a stage focussing on the “First Value” which should be concentrating on getting the customer to get to the desired business outcome as committed for your product/ service and has been well defined during the kick-off process. While there is a lot of emphasis on reducing the time taken to onboard customers, the time between the completion of onboarding and confirmation of value is a very critical data point and is an important insight into customer’s response to onboarding as well as the desire to use the product

About Parul Vij Chopra

Passionate problem-solver with 14 years of expertise in Pharma, Revenue Consulting in Healthcare, and Tech. I excel at orchestrating success for both customers and partners through the cultivation of robust, strategic relationships. My mission? To unleash the full potential of every partnership and drive unparalleled revenue growth in the ever-evolving world of SAAS business.


Over the course of my 14-year career spanning SAAS, Pharma, Revenue Consulting in Healthcare, and Tech, I’ve honed my skills in:

– Driving revenue and value by cultivating and nurturing robust relationships and alliances with clients and partners.

– Effective negotiations with C-level executives and key decision-makers.

– Collaborating with cross-functional departments to lead strategic initiatives and optimize operations.

– Influencing decisions at the C-level while managing projects with cross-functional teams.

– Successfully managing multiple complex projects, ensuring seamless delivery.




About Company

Combining 360° video with real-time communication, Avatour provides remote users with full spatial context, enabling more effective collaboration with on-site personnel. Our vision is to create a world beyond distance. The Avatour platform utilizes proprietary software and off-the-shelf hardware to quickly deploy virtual meetings for up to 20 live viewers per session. This blend of visual realism and effortless conversation results in greater transparency between remote users and on-site personnel, fostering trust, saving money, and promoting corporate sustainability while increasing productivity. Founded in 2018 by former Nokia OZO team leaders, Avatour’s telepresence technology allows clients, collaborators, and coworkers to join a real place in real-time – wherever they are.



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