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Delve into the realm of customer success with Bonnie Fine, Partner Success Manager at Jetty. Bonnie shares valuable insights, emphasizing the art of asking follow-up questions, building relationships, and managing expectations to enhance the customer experience.



Bonnie Fine - Head of Customer Success Toki

  • Ask the follow up – Even if you have the answer to their question right away, sometimes it’s best to ask a follow up, because you might learn that there is a way to provide a more tailored and effective solution to their issue. Customer success differs from customer service – it’s more about building relationships and finding solutions, not just providing quick answers. By taking the time to ask follow-up questions, you can show your customers the strategic value you add.

  • Expectations are everything – Set and manage expectations from the start by understanding your customers’ needs and how they perceive your role. Some may view you as a consultant, others as a project manager, and some as a friend. Establish your strengths and communicate your expertise, ensuring customers understand your goals and purpose.

  • This is one of the easiest ways to build trust and goodwill. There will be times when you can’t respond quickly – but having a proven track record of being responsive and helpful in the past will lead to understanding from customers when things take a little longer than usual.

  • Responsiveness is key – you won’t have all the answers right away, all the time, and that is okay. But a quick – hey I’m looking into this – to make the customer feel heard, goes a LONG way, and buys you some time to look into their request. 

About Bonnie Fine

Implementation, product adoption and continued account growth cannot be created without a strong foundation of trust. Relationship management comes first – always.

My career started in restaurants + hospitality, where I developed 2 key strengths – proactively anticipating and fulfilling the needs of customers, and clear, concise communication with a diverse cast of employees and guests.

My favorite part of customer success over the past 4 years has been working cross-functionally with the sales, marketing and product teams to ensure any and all product releases are designed with our current and prospective clients in mind. I have worked across the tech industry in B2B and B2C roles, scaling the post sales operations at Opus Training, managing the release of new products at Toki Commerce, and expanding our partnerships at Butler Hospitality.



About Company

Jetty is the financial services platform on a mission to make renting a home more affordable and flexible. Jetty’s integrated suite of products helps property managers increase lease conversions, improve resident retention, reduce bad debt, and boost NOI. For renters, Jetty decreases the financial burden of moving into a new home and offers greater flexibility with how and when to pay rent.

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