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Welcome to our Insights Series featuring Dali Jung, Head of Customer Success at Skeepers. Dali shares valuable insights into the art of customer success, emphasizing the importance of building strong relationships, aligning sales and customer success teams, and staying flexible to meet evolving customer needs.


Dali Jung - Head of Customer Success, Skeepers US

  •  Building strong relationships with your customers is the foundation of great customer success. Start by communicating with your customers regularly and build trust by being honest and transparent. As customer success trends toward automation, it’s critical that we find ways to maintain a personal connection with our clients.
  • Managing expectations is essential to great customer success. Properly setting expectations in the pre-sale process can hugely impact the success of the partnership. Sales and
  • Customer Success teams must be aligned to ensure client expectations are met.
      Customer Success is an ongoing process where flexibility is key. You must continuously evolve and adapt your strategy to meet the changing needs of your customers and to stay ahead of the competition.

About Dali Jung

Dali Jung is a customer success leader at Skeepers US, leveraging her experience in graphic design, marketing, and event planning to build and maintain strong relationships with clients.  She is a seasoned leader with a proven track record of success.  Dali attended Stony Brook University and was involved in several extracurricular activities including O’Neill College Hall Council, TYS Dance Crew, and University Scholars Council.


About Company

Skeepers is the European leader in shopper engagement solutions. We provide a fully integrated one-stop-shop UGC suite for brands to bond with consumers, amplify reach, boost engagement, drive sales and customer retention. More than 8,000 clients across the globe use our AI-based solutions to generate millions of dollars in additional sales annually. Our commitment to provide brands and consumers with trusted, authentic experiences and technology innovation has made us the UGC solution of choice for some of the world’s biggest and leading brands. As a European company with 450+ employees globally, Skeepers is headquartered in France, and has offices across Europe and the Americas.

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