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The 4 Building Blocks for Achieving Scalable Customer Love

Going beyond the words “success” and “satisfaction” when it comes to building a working relationship with customers… that’s Scalable Customer Love! From the word ‘go,’ being their partner and confidante, listening with compassion, taking action when needed, and rejoicing as they grow at every stage – creating Scalable Customer Love is akin to building a beautiful relationship.

In the recent decade, the recurring subscription market has been growing quickly and spreading rapidly. Today, your customers have access to immense information, and comparing different competitors is just a few clicks away. So, how do you convince a well-informed customer base to trust your business? How do you create Scalable Customer Love? The answer to this question lies in centering your whole business around your customers. Just like the rites of passage in every relationship, creating Scalable Customer Love has its own defining moments. Moments that require your company’s focused attention and care. Hence, the following are the top four building blocks to creating Scalable Customer Love.

Onboard: Taking The Right First Step

Once the sale is closed, this is the proverbial first step that your customer takes towards building a relationship with your brand. You must ensure that your product implementation effectively addresses all the customer needs and is identified as part of the sales process. Ask yourself this question, “Are your customers using this product for what it was intended?” Because this is the very core foundation of a customer’s onboarding workflow. It plants the seed of curiosity and interest in your customers’ minds and determines whether they will invest their time to engage with the product. The saying, “A task well begun is well done,” strongly applies here. Well-executed onboarding sets the foundation for building lasting relationships with your customers.

Engage: The Ultimate Customer Experience

Does your customer feel that emotional connection with your brand? Are they using your product successfully? When a customer experiences a strong emotional connection with your brand and understands how to use the product, they tend to buy more, promote more, and go beyond mere loyalty. A high-quality customer experience, where each one of their unique needs is truly understood consistently over and over, is an important facet of creating Scalable Customer Love. When cohesive interaction between all stakeholders is empowered in a way that focuses on user adoption and product usage, it leads us to the next building block of Customer Love.

Adopt: Evolving Customer Needs

How does your service align with your evolving customers’ needs? Is your service ensuring that your customers get maximum value? When you keep all this in mind as a brand and show that extra care towards your customers, this small gesture can go a long way in improving your customers’ lifetime value. But product adoption goes beyond that. It is about the company and the product. It is about how they identify their customers’ or their industry’s evolving needs and adapt so that their relationship stays strong.

Grow: The Final Stage

High engagement rates, consistent adoption, and satisfied customers will deliver growth. Ideally, this growth is an outcome of outstanding service, and it’s even better when it’s visible, predictable, and feels like you are in complete control of your renewal, cross-sell, and upsell destiny. When the customer has navigated through every stage successfully, it marks the beginning of a lifelong relationship, attaining Scalable Customer Love in its true sense. Inevitably, the customer transforms into an advocate of your brand. Upsells, referrals, optimal product usage, and growth, both for the business and the customers, become effortless outcomes.

Now, imagine automating this whole process using machine learning.

Effortlessly scale a process such that it yields customer love in every stage of the customer lifecycle. Where increased efficiency, revenue, brand affinity, and a beautiful growing customer relationship are consistently created. These are just a few possibilities for this ever-evolving industry.

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