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Embark on a journey of customer success with Tony Fabbi, a distinguished Cloud Consulting Customer Success Executive at Google. Tony unravels the keys to mastering customer success, emphasizing a thorough understanding of key health indicators for effective GRR/NRR management. Explore the significance of Time-to-Value (TTV) and its potential to shape a competitive advantage, serving as a strong predictor of customer success and loyalty. Learn about the impactful role of the voice of the customer (VoC) and actionable strategies Tony advocates for timely, measurable improvement in the innovation engine at Google.

Tony Fabbi - Independent Consultant, Customer Success

  •  Gaining a thorough         understanding and an accurate view of the key health indicators in your customer base are critical to effectively managing GRR / NRR. A wait and see approach is a risky and potentially costly strategy.
  • If you’re not managing Time-to-Value (TTV) you should be! Not only is it a potential competitive advantage (or weakness), it’s also a strong predictor of customer success and loyalty.
  • Customers have a voice and want to be heard. But it’s not enough to just listen – they also want action with timely, measurable improvement. The voice-of-the-customer should be a critical gear in any innovation engine.

About Tony Fabbi

Cloud, XaaS customer success executive with 20+ years experience guiding customers through their technology transformations. Passion for driving customer satisfaction, product adoption, growth and enhancing CX. Recognized for decisive leadership, goal focus and unwavering commitment to customer excellence. Teamwork oriented leader with proven ability to build and scale high performance cross-functional teams from the ground up.

Key Skills: Account Growth & Retention | Cloud Migration & Adoption | Digital Transformation | Customer Advocacy | Customer Onboarding & Implementation | Customer Support | Operational Excellence | P&L Management | Program Management | Service Delivery | Voice-of-the-Customer

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