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Explore the world of customer success with Sumanta Paul, a seasoned Customer Success Manager at Classplus. Sumanta unveils the strategies that make customer success a dynamic and personalized experience at Classplus. Dive into the significance of offering individualized assistance, recognizing diverse customer needs, and providing tailored instruction. Uncover the data-driven approach Sumanta adopts, utilizing key performance indicators (KPIs) to measure success comprehensively. Gain insights into the pivotal role of a customer success manager, understanding client objectives, and delivering bespoke solutions to overcome challenges at Classplus.

Sumanta Paul - Manager, Customer Success Classplus

  • Offer individualized assistance and instruction: Because each customer has different needs and preferences, offering individualized support and instruction can help them fully appreciate the benefits of your product. You can make sure that each customer has the information and resources they need to succeed by customizing your strategy for each one.
  • Success is measured using data: It’s critical to monitor key performance indicators (KPIs) and utilize data-driven insights to gauge success if your customers are getting value from your offering. By doing this, you’ll be able to spot the problems your consumers are having and give them the solutions they need to move beyond these obstacles.
  •  As a customer success manager, it’s critical to have a thorough awareness of the objectives and

       difficulties facing your  clients. This will make it easier for you to understand how your product cansupport them in achieving their goals and give them the assistance     they need to do so.

About Sumanta Paul

My Work Scenarios Taught Me To Represent My Self & Cultivate My Knowledge To Its Extent Beside Uplifting My Passion For Music Technology, Digital Marketing, Retailing And EdTech Operations.❞


Started Off The Career With Service/Timeshare Sector And Acquired 2+ Years Of Experience In CRM At Luxury Home Durable Retail Format (i.e Furniture, Furnishing, Interior, Decor, Home Improvements & Electronics).


45+ Certifications From Google, Accenture, Facebook, Griffith University, The Open University, King’s College London, Charles Sturt University, University of Southern Queensland, RMIT University, Bond University, Deakin University, University of Leeds, & LinkedIn (PMI- Project Management Institute & NASBA- National Association of State Boards of Accountancy).


Ex-End User Of #SAP (i.e Handling And Working With Va03, Co09, Zbrdart, Zatpn_new & Zproof_new) And #Salesforce (i.e Generating Enquiry, Creating Opportunity/Task Until Sales Closed Won) Simultaneously For Operations, Alongwith Maintaining A Sound And Healthy Relationship With The HNI (High Net Worth Individual) Customers Or Even Celebrities Alongwith Various VIP’s For Further References And Cross LOB Sellings Beside Focusing On B2B Vigorously For Fetching Institutional Businesses Proactively.


Highly Expertise In Band & Brand Creation For New Individuals And Groups Within Electronic Dance Music Segment i.e Sound Recording Artists And DAW-Artists aka. Digital Audio Workstations Artists With All Requisite Practical Idea Of Studio Setup Starting From Equipments Like Midi Controllers e.g. Keyboards, Guitars, Novation Pads, Roli Seaboards And Softwares Like FL Studio, Ableton Live, Audacity And Avid Pro With Proper Licensing And Copyrights For Distribution And Selling

About Company

Classplus was born in 2018 to essentially embrace the future; the future being SaaS, online/hybrid education, and a fully realized creator economy. Thus, our effort has always been to revolutionize teaching by digitally empowering educators. We essentially help them to build and grow their online coaching business. Moreover, through their own super-app educators can create, monetize, and market content, as well as expand their student base in India and abroad. Till date, our educators have earned more than INR 500 Cr across 3000+ cities in India, the Middle East, and Southeast Asia. We’ve also successfully raised a funding of $160Mn to date ($70Mn in Series D) from marquee investors like Tiger Global, Surge, GSV Ventures, Blume, Falcon, Capital, RTP Global, and Chimera Ventures. Our company culture plays a valuable role in our success which is why we strive to create a culture of inclusiveness, freedom, creativity, and innovation. Let’s say we have a penchant for those who can Think out of the Box

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