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Dive into the realm of Customer Success with Vivianne Spiller, Head of Customer Success at Zenvia. Discover the critical role of trust in building strong and efficient relationships. Vivianne shares insights into the foundations of efficiency, emphasizing customer trust in the CSM, internal trust in CS, and the trust CS places in itself. Uncover the secrets to satisfied customers, positive NPS, and CSAT.


VIVIANE SPILLER , Head of Customer Experience,ZenviaZenv

  • The basis for building efficient Customer Success must be Trust and its pillars are the  customer’s trust in the CSM, the internal areas’ trust in the CS, and the CMS’s trust in itself. Trust breeds trust and when a chain is created with this principle, the CS area becomes strong and efficient.
  •  As a result, we have satisfied customers with positive NPS and CSAT. 
  •  Everyone has problems, including the competitor, but the power of reaction it demonstrates in  the face of the problem is its greatest differential in the CS area. Customer who trusts CS, remain, buys more and speaks well of the product to other customers.


Experienced and results-driven professional with a proven track record in people management and customer-centric leadership. A postgraduate in Business Management with international experience spanning the USA and Brazil, specializing in Latin America team management. Over 15 years of expertise in Customer and Commercial Experience, SaaS metrics, B2B management, and strategic planning. Skilled in creating and implementing customer-centric strategies, building collaborative teams, and driving revenue growth. Adept at designing structures to enhance customer journeys using market best practices.


Data-driven decisions | Customer Centric | Excellent oral and written communication | Critical sense | Analytical Skills | Ability to solve complex problems | Systemic and holistic view | Empathy – knowing how to listen | Emotional Intelligence | Demanding | Resilient and with “feeling of ownership” | Proactivity | Negotiation Skills | Agility in decision-making | Adaptability.

About Company

Somos uma Plataforma de Inteligências Naturais (Humanas) e Artificiais (Tecnológicas) que encoraja organizações a criarem experiências únicas para seus clientes finais. No Mundo ZENVIA, acreditamos que a evolução tecnológica e a experiência humana, combinadas, são capazes de unificar a comunicação em toda a jornada do consumidor e nos canais de sua preferência. 

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