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Embark on a journey of customer success excellence with Angela Carmack, the esteemed Director of Customer Success at Awardco. Angela sheds light on the pivotal role of renewals in customer success, emphasizing the need to celebrate these victories as much as upsells and new business. Uncover Awardco’s approach to showcasing the team’s value through positive customer outcomes and the art of embracing customer feedback as a valuable gift for continuous improvement. Join Angela in exploring the dynamic landscape of customer success at Awardco.

Angela Carmack -Director of Customer Success, Awardco

  • Celebrate renewals as much as you celebrate upsells and new business.
  • The role of Customer Success is diminished if you only share the issues customers are facing. To showcase the value the team brings, also share how customers are seeing results.
  • Customer feedback is a gift. Even when it hurts, it shows how to fix the partnership. Customers give feedback because they are invested

About Angela Carmack

I am passionate about Customer Success and a proven track record of driving exceptional results. I have managed Customer Success teams in both the United States and in the United Kingdom. As the Senior Director of Customer Success at Awardco, I built the team and the customer journey to ensure customer satisfaction and business results. I am very proud of the Awardco Customer Success Department and what they have accomplished.


I enjoy identifying customer needs and developing strategic plans to address them, resulting in increased customer loyalty, retention, and advocacy. My goal is to foster long-term partnerships with clients. I’m a strong advocate for continuous improvement and innovation, and stay up to date on industry trends and best practices to identify new opportunities to improve customer experiences and streamline processes.

About Company

Awardco boosts productivity, reduces spend, and builds culture through value-driven recognition and rewards. Awardco is the only employee recognition and total rewards platform to be a featured partner with Amazon Business, and has the largest reward network on the planet—all with zero markups.

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