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Explore the realm of customer success strategies with Colin Kemble, the Head of Customer Success at Acute & Payer. Colin unveils the powerful approach of memorializing and scaling best practices within successful customers, empowering CSMs to become trusted advisors. Delve into the importance of standardization and measurement in customer interactions, complemented by insights from performance analytics in SaaS platforms. Join Colin on a journey to unlock the secrets of elevating customer success at Acute & Payer.

Colin Kemble - Head of Customer Success Acute & Payer

  • Memorialize the best practices within your most successful customers, package them, and scale them out to your base. Sharing real examples with quantifiable outcomes, showing precisely how a similar customer is achieving better results, is what enables CSMs to become trusted advisors.
  •  Standardize most interactions with your customers, and measure everything. If every customer interaction is unique in approach you can neither measure the efficacy of those touchpoints nor manage them at scale.
  •  Leverage top performers’ use cases and performance analytics to bring your customers insights that tell them something unique to their business. Most SaaS platforms afford significant performance transparency, which should be leveraged to tell customers where additional value can be realized.

About Colin Kemble

I’m a results-driven customer org leader with a track record of driving exceptional customer experiences and delivering tangible business outcomes. Over the past 10 years I’ve been building and leading high-performing teams, implementing customer success platforms, and driving revenue growth. At an operating level I excel at leveraging data-driven insights to optimize customer satisfaction, retention, and drive upsell opportunities. I’m a collaborative and strategic thinker with a passion for innovation and driving customer-centric strategies.

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PointClickCare is a leading healthcare technology platform enabling meaningful collaboration and access to real‐time insights at every stage of the patient healthcare journey. More than 27,000 long‐term and post‐acute care providers, over 3,100 hospitals and health systems, over 3,600 ambulatory clinics, every major U.S. health plan, and over 70 state and government agencies use PointClickCare, enabling care collaboration and value‐based care delivery for millions across North America.


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