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Embark on a journey with Srajan Bhagat, Senior Customer Success Manager at, as he unveils the strategies behind customer success and Net Revenue Retention (NRR) mastery. Srajan shares profound insights into the ambassadorial role of a CSM, the crucial activities driving retention and growth, and the transformative power of building deep technical expertise. Explore the secrets to sincere customer relationships and becoming indispensable to their projects in the innovative landscape of

Srajan Bhagat - Head of Customer Success Numina

  • The CSM role is like that of an ambassador – In addition to your technical objectives, it’s equally as important for you to be the voice of the customer internally, and the voice of the company externally. You earn trust (in both directions) by taking a strong position and backing it up with quantitative and qualitative data.
  • ‘Yes, and?’ to NRR – Net Revenue Retention is absolutely the metric for Customer Success, however the activities that lead to retention, growth, and attrition are what should be tracked, not just the metric. The best and most challenging aspect of Customer Success is knowing what those activities are, specific to your product and industry. A CSM should always know how a customer defines value, and what will actually move the needle for an individual project.
  • Lean into your strengths – Some folks can do it all, and that’s great. The rest of us should specialize and build deep technical expertise. Customer Success is all about sincerity and trust. Build relationships with your Product and Support organizations to learn everything you can, and you’ll naturally find ways to provide more value to customers, making you indispensable to their projects.

About Srajan Bhagat

10+ years experience in customer service, success, and sales. Expertise in:

  • Cross-functional GTM leadership at growth stage startups
  • Civic tech, environmental science, and public policy
  • Talent acquisition and management

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