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Delve into the world of proactive customer success management with Christine Boermeester, Senior Director at Deltek. Christine emphasizes the importance of understanding customer desired outcomes as the foundation of success. Discover the art of nurturing strong relationships throughout the customer lifecycle and adopting a proactive approach to minimize churn risk. Christine Boermeester shares insights on being a trusted advisor, cultivating customer loyalty, and creating a positive customer experience at Deltek.

Christine Boermeester - Senior Director of Customer Success at Deltek

  • Customer Success starts with understanding the customer’s desired outcomes – The first step in a new customer success relationship is identifying and understanding what success means to each individual customer. The Customer Success Manager can then be the customer’s trusted advisor, offering solutions that genuinely benefit the customer and demonstrate value. 
  • Customer Success is about nurturing relationships – Building strong and meaningful relationships with customers throughout their lifecycle is at the core of customer success. Happy, successful customers are more likely to stay loyal and even become advocates. 
  • Proactive > Reactive – Being proactive in supporting customers leads to a more positive customer experience and reduces churn risk. Customer Success Managers achieve this through consistent, meaningful outreach that is aligned with the customer’s desired outcomes.

About Christine Boermeester

Specialties: computer skills, customer relations, customer satisfaction, delivery, documentation, features, leadership, management, meeting facilitation, microsoft access, presentation skills, sdlc, sql, staffing, supervisory skills, training, training programs, troubleshooting, vision, web site production, workshops, writing, year end accounts, social media, gamification

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Project-based businesses transform the world we live in. Deltek innovates and delivers software and solutions that power them to achieve their purpose. Our industry-specific software and information solutions maximize our customers’ performance at every stage of the project lifecycle by enabling superior levels of project intelligence, management and collaboration. Deltek is the recognized global standard for project-based businesses across government contracting and professional services industries, helping more than 30,000 organizations of all sizes deliver on their mission.

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