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Embark on a journey of strategic customer success management with Julie Fox, Senior Manager at FloQast. Julie reveals the art of treating customers like mini CEOs, proactively analyzing customer bases, and prioritizing customer goals and desired outcomes. Learn how to escape reactivity, foster creativity in problem-solving, and guide customers through personalized success journeys. Julie Fox shares her insights, making strategic customer success a cornerstone at FloQast.

Julie Fox - Sr. Manager, Customer Success, FloQast

  •  I always find that the best CSMs manage their book of business (BoB) like mini-CEOs or consultants. They know exactly where the areas of opportunity and risk are and have a plan for all. They are creative in how they solve problems and are likely to bring additional people into conversations with their customers or strategize with team members instead of trying to shoulder everything on their own.
  •  As a CSM, you will always be busy and feel like you are being pulled in a million different directions. This makes it easy to fall into patterns of feeling reactive. Setting aside time each week (even an hour) to proactively reach out to customers and analyze your customer base will help shift you to feeling more “ahead” and in control.
  •  In my opinion, the most important metric in Customer Success is customer goals and desired outcomes. Every customer doesn’t have to use your product in the same way or depth. Are your customers getting value out of your product that truly matters to them? This should be a topic that is top of mind when you are engaging with customers, and CSMs should feel confident in how they can shepherd the customer through their journey to achieving their goals.

About Julie Fox

My people-focused approach to customer success involves understanding all facets of the business, getting to know customers, keeping up with an ever-evolving marketplace and industry, and a high level of accountability to make sure we deliver. Colleagues know me as a highly creative and passionate professional who loves to problem solve, think differently, and help companies thrive.

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FloQast, a provider of accounting workflow automation software created by accountants for accountants, delivers an Accounting Operations Platform that enables organizations to operationalize accounting excellence. Trusted by more than 2,500 accounting teams – including Twilio, Los Angeles Lakers, Zoom, and Snowflake – FloQast was built by accountants, for accountants to enhance the way accounting teams work. FloQast enables customers to streamline and manage the Financial Close, Finance and Accounting Operations, and Compliance Programs. With FloQast, teams can manage every aspect of the month-end Close, reduce their compliance burden, stay audit-ready, and improve accuracy, visibility, and collaboration throughout the financial function. FloQast is consistently rated #1 across all user review sites. Learn more at


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