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Embark on a journey into the realm of customer success mindset with Anna Lukianenko, Head of Customer Success at Breakthrough. Anna shares profound insights on the art of turning unhappy customers into assets and emphasizing team success based on customer achievements. Learn the importance of understanding customer goals as the foundation of any customer success playbook. Uncover the significance of becoming an industry expert and how it fuels confidence, trust, and success in customer conversations.

Anna Lukianenko- Head of Customer success

  • “Unhappy customers are your great asset. In fact, they invest time to communicate their feedback and needs. It is your chance to retain them and get priceless information about what needs to be improved. They are one of the biggest drivers for stellar customer experience. 
  • Customer Success is a mindset. Your team’s success should be measured by whether or not your customers succeed with the goals they have for your product. Understanding these goals should be the first step in any CS Playbook.
  • Become a true expert in your product and the industry. It’ll give you confidence in conversations with the customers and will be your best tool to build trust with them.”

About Anna Lukianenko

My passion for Customer Success began before I even knew what that was.

I’ve always loved helping people to achieve their goals since for me it’s the most rewarding feeling ever. Through every step of my professional growth, I found new opportunities to do exactly that.

When I started my career in tech in 2013 as an Account Manager, I realized how important it is for many businesses to build long-lasting relationships with customers and ensure that they thrive with the provided product.

As I needed to build and train my first team, I was looking for the right approach to customer service. I discovered Customer Success and introduced it to the company executives and was tasked to implement it.

Since then, I have repeatedly built and led Customer Success teams of 15+ people, and worked with big and small customers from various regions, including UK, Europe, Asia (Singapore, Hong Kong), Middle East (OAE, Saudi Arabia), USA, Canada and others.

Every new project for me is an opportunity to improve someone’s life, and that’s the best job!

About Company

Breakthrough, is a revolutionary SaaS platform designed to empower wellness coaches in transforming their expertise into personalized mobile applications. Our innovative platform enables wellness coaches to package their offerings, creating dynamic and immersive experiences for their followers. Breakthrough Partner Coaches can effortlessly monetize their content, cultivate a thriving community, and establish one-to-many relationships with their audience.


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