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Embark on a journey of customer success evolution with Marcus Euzebio, Manager of Customer Success at Logicalis. Marcus sheds light on the ‘Customer Centric’ approach, the challenges of scaling personalized processes, and the transformative impact of Generative AI in efficiently managing extensive customer bases

  • In the contemporary corporate landscape, there’s a growing emphasis on Customer Success, reflecting the understanding that companies should focus their efforts on delivering value to customers, aligning with a “Customer Centric” approach. This strategy not only forges lasting and trustful connections but also establishes robust partnership relations.
  • While actively playing a role in customers’ success journeys, organizations face the challenge of scaling this often personalized process to a large customer base. This model, known as the “Low touch” approach, involves professionals serving multiple clients simultaneously. Here, the answer to efficient scalability lies in the application of Generative AI.
  • The opportunities presented by Generative AI pave the way to enhance activities performed in Customer Success, enabling the simultaneous engagement with numerous clients. This innovative approach signifies a significant acceleration in the field of Customer Success, effectively adapting to the demands of an extensive customer base.

About Marcus Euzebio

With over 12 years of experience in customer success and business development, I am passionate about delivering exceptional customer experiences and driving operational excellence across various industries and markets. I have proven skills in scaling innovative projects, professionalizing global processes, and developing client engagement with brands such as HP, Wipro, Salesforce, Kaiser Permanente, UnitedHealthcare, TriNet, and others.


Most recently, I served as the Director of Client Success at Collective, a leading AI revenue-focused platform dedicated to helping sales, marketing, and customer success departments. There, I focused on building a team dedicated to high customer satisfaction, retention, and growth. I also partnered with product, engineering, and marketing teams to provide feedback, insights, and advocacy for our clients.


I am a product evangelist and a humble techie who loves to learn and explore new solutions and opportunities. You can find me rummaging through the fridge for cookies during my off-time.

About Company

Collective[i]: The world’s first network to superpower sales. We leverage AI to automate CRM data entry and forecasting, produce data-driven insights and connect the right people to accelerate revenue growth. Join us in our mission to make the world a more intelligent place. We are hiring smart, motivated, and curious colleagues to bring their talent to our team. We offer great benefits and the flexibility to work from wherever works for you.

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