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Embark on a transformative exploration of customer success with Dillon Young, Sr Enterprise Customer Success Manager at Maxwell. Dillon shares profound insights on challenging assumptions, embracing a revenue mindset, and mastering the art of relationship development in CSM. Learn the importance of questioning the status quo, seeking revenue opportunities, and maintaining a customer-centric approach. Navigate the complexities of customer success at Maxwell with Dillon’s expert guidance.

Dillon Young - Senior Enterprise Customer Success Manager (Director), Maxwell

  •  Challenge everything.  Challenge your assumptions – about processes, about what works and what doesn’t, and about what activities provide value, both to your company and your customers. Just as important: learn to challenge your customers – namely how they use your product and how it is they think about their business and your company’s place in it.
  •  Find the loose change in the couch cushions.  Said another way: ask questions and make decisions with a revenue mindset – look for money everywhere!  I know I know, it’s been said a million times.  But it’s worth saying again: revenue is the Chief’s love language.  Learn to speak that language, learn your role in the bottom line, and learn how to influence that role by finding ways to contribute more to that bottom line.
  •  And…do it all while never losing sight of the customer.  This is where, as they say (who? not sure.), the rubber meets the road.  The art of Customer Success is in developing, strengthening, and expanding relationships at your accounts by being a trusted resource and delivering value *while also* driving forward your company’s initiatives.  Go get ’em, kid.

About Dillon Young

Dedicated Customer Success leader with 10+ years of experience helping companies increase retention, expansion, and data-driven strategy.


Some examples include:

– Launched Maxwell’s first Customer Advisory Board

– Increased profit margins by 4% through contractual and operational changes while at Nomis

– Slashed production bug half-life from weeks/months to hours/days while at Thrive TRM

– Historical NRR in excess of 110%

– Certified Six Sigma Black Belt

– Customer Success Coach in Catalyst’s Coaching Corner program

About Company


We built Maxwell to change the game for small and midsize mortgage lenders — whether you originate $300M or $3B. Today our digital mortgage platform powers hundreds of mortgage lending institutions nationwide, from non-depository mortgage banks, to credit unions, to brokers, to community banks. We work to make them, and their employees, the real heroes who enable homeowners to achieve the American Dream. And we’re just getting started. Maxwell was founded in 2015 by homebuyers who were shocked by the complexity of the mortgage process for borrowers and lending teams alike. Somehow, in the mix of paperwork, points and process, the humanity and emotion of the largest financing decision of a person’s life had been lost. After spending a year with over 1,000 mortgage professionals, the founding team realized we needed to focus on making the people who make a difference really shine. Now, we employ a world-class team of software experts and mortgage professionals who pull up our socks every morning to do just that. We’re privileged that our company has been recognized by HousingWire, Progress in Lending, MReport, and others as a leading innovator in our industry. At the end of the day, we are a committed team doing honest work that really matters in the real world — one lender, one borrower, one homeowner at a time. And it works.


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