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Delve into the world of customer success strategies with Jennifer Chiang, Product Manager at Seso Inc. Jennifer introduces a groundbreaking approach to tailoring customer success by understanding the nuances of product complexity and user complexity. Explore the innovative two by two matrix that charts out four distinct customer success team focuses – revolutionize, delight, automate, and simplify. Join Jennifer on a journey to redefine success in the realm of customer success at Seso Inc.

Jennifer Chiang - Product Manager, Seso Top 50 Women Leader in CS (Panelist)

  • Every product is different and every product’s users are different. CS teams need to understand how customer success can help a business like yours by understanding two things: Product Complexity and User Complexity.
  • Product Complexity represents the intricacies behind the company, while User Complexity represents the idiosyncrasies behind whom you serve. Some are simpler than others are, so as you develop your customer success function and strategy, you should keep these two factors in mind.
  • When you plot Product Complexity and User Complexity on a two by two matrix, it charts out four customer success team focuses — revolutionize, delight, automate, and simplify. This will help your team defines success and understand how they can bring success to your customers.

About Jennifer Chiang

Product Manager, Author, former 2x Head of Customer Success, mental health advocate, and speaker.

I am a leader who is passionate about helping companies – particularly startups – unlock the true potential of customer success through analytics, empowerment, and a truly customer-centric mindset.

Throughout my career, I’ve connected with other customer success leaders and have collated my learnings and insights into “The Startup’s Guide to Customer Success” 

About Company


Seso is a vertical software company for agriculture. We are addressing the labor shortage in US agriculture by providing farms with reliable workforce management software; a $15B opportunity. Our service offering includes recruiting, qualifying and training workers via H-2A visa automation, and workforce management software to help employers stay compliant with complex local and federal laws. We are providing agricultural employers with a better quality workforce at a lower cost and agricultural workers with meaningful and safe employment opportunities. 


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