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Unveil the secrets of unified Customer Success with Erika Villarreal, Principal Customer Success Manager at Eptura. Erika shares invaluable insights on reshaping expectations, embracing a shared responsibility for renewals, and the ongoing journey of customer success with a focus on understanding unique customer needs.

Erika Villarreal - Principal Customer Success Manager Eptura

  • CSMs are superheroes, but they are not magicians. Companies should shift their expectations and stop relying on CSMs to perform miracles in saving customers. Instead, the responsibility for renewals should be a shared effort among all departments. Sales, Professional Services, Support, Product, Engineering, all play a crucial role in ensuring a seamless customer journey. Magic truly happens when all teams embrace a unified Customer Success strategy, making it their ultimate priority.
  • Customer success is a journey, not a destination. It’s an ongoing commitment to cultivating strong, lasting relationships with customers. As a CSM you must ensure you adapt to your customer’s changing needs and aspirations. Re-evaluate their desired outcomes as many times as necessary.
  • A healthy customer does not always mean a successful or happy customer. While a customer may appear healthy in terms of product usage or metrics, it’s possible that they aren’t achieving their desired outcomes. Understanding their unique needs, aspirations, and challenges is crucial in delivering customer success.

About Erika Villarreal

Dedicated the last 6 years of my professional experience growing a Fintech Startup in Mexico that offers payroll advance as a service in a B2B2C business model. As a Co-founder of ePesos, I had the opportunity to build the Customer Success team from the ground up. Led the Sales team that was able to prove product-market-fit, and allowed the company to raise our Series A in 2017.


My engineering background explains why I’m such a process addict. I have a passion to improve processes and increase efficiencies. I’m curious and data driven. I enjoy analyzing numbers because of the stories they tell. For me, the strongest asset of a company is their people and their DATA. If you’re not able to track the correct information, improving KPIs will be hard. I’m the happiest when I can find red flags and come up with a strategy on how to turn red numbers into green.


Working in a startup environment taught me to push boundaries, have the capability of learning from trial and error, quickly adjusting the strategy to achieve the desired results. I’ve had the opportunity to work in different departments and have a complete view of how business works. Some say being a wearer of many hats is not necessarily an advantage, I tend to disagree. Having performed sales, marketing, collection, product and customer success roles has given me the ability to really understand a business operation and has helped me better advice my customers when needed.

About Company


Eptura is a global worktech company that provides software solutions for people, workplaces and assets to enable everyone to reach their full potential. With 16.3 million users across 115 countries, we are trusted by over 16,000 of the world’s leading companies to realize a better future at work.


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