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Master the art of seamless onboarding with Michelle Irving, Senior Vice President of Customer Experience at Map My Customers. Michelle shares invaluable insights on the significance of being people-centric, crafting a seamless onboarding process, and anticipating customer needs to foster exceptional customer service.

Michelle Irving - Sr Vice President of Customer Experience, Adwerx

  1.   Be People-Centric:  Being focused on the well being of your team as well as the health of your customers creates a team environment that is enthusiastic about providing exceptional customer service.  It’s all about the people we work with, internally and externally.
    2.  Seamless Onboarding:  Creating a seamless onboarding process sets your team and your customers up for success immediately following the close of the sales process.  It is important to begin building confidence right away, and the onboarding phase of the customer journey sets the tone for the relationship going forward.
    3.  Anticipate Customer Needs:  It is important to remember that our customers are juggling many different things.  Working with them as a trusted advisor is important to make the time they spend with their account manager valuable and worthwhile.  We need to listen and through listening, anticipate their needs to be proactive with solutions, ideas and support that makes their lives easier and reinforces the value of what we are delivering.

About Michelle Irving

An experienced leader, adept at building teams, processes and tools to achieve a best in class client experience, resulting in revenue retention and growth.

About Company

Adwerx is an industry-leading digital advertising automation platform that provides personalized, hyper-targeted, and fully-automated digital advertising solutions for real estate and mortgage companies. Scalable for businesses of any size, Adwerx executes advertising with the power needed for large enterprises and the simplicity expected for an individual agent. 

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