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Embark on a journey of mastering customer success with Andreas Knoefel, Chief Customer Officer at Eloquent Cloud. Andreas shares profound insights into owning the commercial relationship, actively engaging in negotiations, and adopting a customer-centric approach to showcase success in your client’s terms. Discover strategies for analyzing successful customers and segmenting your customer base for maximum impact.

Andreas Knoefel - Chief Customer Officer at Eloquent Cloud

 If you want to emerge with a     leading NRR of 27% above average, Customer Success must own the commercial relationship. Your CSM is not just a bestie from a vendor, not just an empath on speed dial for your worries, not just a bug fixer, but primarily a coach to maximize commercial success for you and your company. That includes the commercial negotiations to charge subscription fees to continue gaining commercial success.

 Get rid of Sales after the initial close

  • Prove success in your client’s terms

 If you want to emerge with a   leading NRR of 27% above  average, stop seeing your clients  through your eyes, see yourself   through your client’s eyes. That is true customer – centricity.

Understand what the customer wants to achieve and how they want it proven, and then show them how you exceeded their expectations. It is too easy and tempting to measure all sorts of feeds and cram them into a one-size-fits-nobody dashboard.

 Get rid of canned health scores that are neither relevant to the sponsor nor the users

  • Showcase your Champions

 If you want to emerge with a    leading NRR of 27% above   average, find the customers who   are most successful and analyze   why they made it to the top.   Their success is as much influenced by their culture, environment, and use case as by your service and team. Do not confuse this with your “Ideal customer profile”, which is your fantasy version of a customer, not the actual reality. Now you can group your customers into Champions who you leverage, the Cruisers who you point towards the Champions, and the Laggards, who drain your resources.

 Get rid of the Laggards

About Andreas Knoefel

Builder of best-of-class Customer Success organizations, boosting subscription renewals, customer loyalty, and profitability in competitive markets by over 30%.

Recognized as a Top50 Customer Success influencer who achieves best-in-class NRR of 150.

Strong leadership, motivation, communication, negotiation, creative and analytical skills. At home in business and technology. MBA and Ph.D.

About Company

Now more than ever, people look to technology to power the solutions designed to solve our world’s greatest problems. This is equally true in business, as companies have come to embrace the power of cutting-edge technologies to improve efficiency, enforce security, and provide the resources needed to operate at scale. Eloquent Cloud provides your organization with cutting-edge cloud computing solutions, designed and uniquely configured for the technology needs of your business. Our solutions are hosted on our advanced managed cloud, ensuring peak performance and advanced security. Our services are designed to integrate with organizations of any size, and our unique membership program will supplement your cloud solution with the assessments, tools, and support that you need for your business to thrive.

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