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Embark on a journey of customer success leadership with Kristi Faltorusso, Chief Customer Officer at ClientSuccess. Kristi shares invaluable insights on the pivotal role of confidence, the significance of building strategic internal relationships, and the art of crafting tailored customer success strategies for unique business objectives.

Kristi Faltorusso - Chief Customer Officer ClientSuccess

  •  Confidence will make or break your success – it’s the difference in the boardroom, in your leadership meetings, in your 1:1 meetings and with your customers. If you lack confidence and conviction, convincing folks to believe you and believe in you, will be difficult. 
  •  Building strategic relationships internally is key. This does not mean you need to be best friends, in fact, you don’t need to be friends at all. You do however need to be aligned to common goals and shared objectives. As a Customer Success Leader your alignment with your cross-functional peers is paramount – if you think you’re going to drive change alone, you are sorely mistaken. 
  •  Customer Success is not a one-size-fits-all strategy, in fact it’s not even a one-size-fits-most. Customer Success will look different at every company because your product, customers, market, strategy etc. is different. If you’re trying to copy and past your strategy from another organization you will likely be unsuccessful. Instead, get crystal clear on your business objectives and have fun designing the right strategy for your company and customers.

About Kristi Faltorusso

Kristi Faltorusso is a distinguished Customer Success Executive, recognized for her exceptional expertise in building, scaling and transforming Customer Success organizations within high-growth B2B SaaS companies. With a career spanning over 12 years, Kristi has been instrumental in guiding numerous companies through the strategic redefinition of Customer Success, resulting in heightened retention rates, sustained revenue growth, and amplified customer advocacy.


Having held pivotal roles in renowned organizations such as BrightEdge, Sisense, BetterCloud, and IntelliShift, Kristi has consistently demonstrated her leadership prowess in steering Customer Success and Experience teams. Presently, as the Chief Customer Officer at ClientSuccess, a leading provider of Customer Success Management solutions, Kristi spearheads Customer Success, Technical Support, and Consulting initiatives. In her current capacity, she continues to drive transformative outcomes, aligning her passion for customer-centric strategies with a commitment to delivering unparalleled value.

About Company

ClientSuccess is revolutionizing the way SaaS companies manage, retain, and grow their existing customer base. We help SaaS companies proactively manage customer relationships, measure customer health, minimize churn and maximize revenue. We believe that SaaS is more than software and service. It’s about relationships. Think beyond acquisition and support. You want a customer for life. And not one that exists because they’re locked into a contract. You want a customer that chooses to partner with you because you help them accomplish their goals and succeed—through personal relationships and delightful experiences. You succeed when your customers succeed. In the day of big data, don’t forget that its people using your product. There are a lot of services offering to tell you what they’re doing, but that’s not enough. You need to know why. That’s how you reduce churn and increase revenue. ClientSuccess is a simple yet sophisticated solution that both the front-line CSMs and the Executive team will love. For the CSMs, we bring together the tools, best practices, insights and analytics they need to proactively manage their customers. For the Executives, we deliver the deep analytics, metric and reports to provide a comprehensive view of the health of their SaaS business. Our clients love to use our solution. Every day, all day.

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