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Master the art of high-touch onboarding with Carmel Fisher, VP of Customer Experience at Sequire by SRAX. Carmel shares invaluable insights on the significance of seamless onboarding, continuous communication of value, and proactive education for empowered clients in the dynamic SaaS and Ai-era.

Carmel Fisher | VP of Platform Services (Customer Success, Operations and Investor Relations)

  • Seamless, high-touch Onboarding builds bonds, accelerates value perception and allows for a gradual release of the proverbial reins.Depending on your onboarding requirements, it is highly recommended to stay close to the customer in the beginning of their journey with your product. This builds trust, cements your credibility and offers a sense of hand-holding as they cut their teeth with your product and solutions. Once onboarding is complete, true value realization can be fostered. Once they start experiencing the value and independently use the product, you can slowly release the reins of a high-touch strategy and remain available as a constant arm of guidance and support as and when they need it, taking on a more digital customer success approach.

  • Communicate Value without CeasingIn today’s SaaS world and rapidly emerging Ai- era, First impressions are no longer lasting and in fact, we need to keep prescribing the value inherent in our products (at every touchpoint) and that is not always just about the product and its functional ease-of-use. It’s about what our customers need long-term, and how they use the product they’ve been sold, to realize their goals.

  • Proactively and consistently EducateClients who are equipped with resources to find answers to their own personal questions regarding use of your product, are proven to feel more empowered. According to an article by Harvard Business Review, 81% of all customers try to find the answer for themselves, before reaching out to support. The need to reach support follows after time has already been spent looking for answers. Most likely, this only brings a frustrated client your way who has already been tasked with an extra touchpoint, after already succumbing to not being able to use your product self-sufficiently. Make sure you eliminate this by providing easily accessible information.

About Carmel Fisher

With over 15 years of experience serving 500+ C-suite executives, Carmel possesses a passion for BizOps and a wealth of knowledge and expertise in Corporate Communications; from her tenure as SVP of Global Partnerships for a Commercial Real Estate and Property Development company to spearheading sustainability initiatives and founding a charity organization that raised millions for under-poverished communities.


Carmel additionally, was instrumental in developing, and building operational infrastructures, for a new SaaS product that provides regulated investor data to listed companies, helping them to both retain and acquire shareholders.


Passionate about efficiency, consistency and reliability building long-lasting relationships with stakeholders across the board is the ultimate objective. Carmel loves helping companies deliver exceptional efficiencies, quantify business value to their customers and make them more investable.

About Company

SRAX is a financial technology company that unlocks data and insights for publicly traded companies. Through its premier investor intelligence and communications platform, Sequire®, companies can track their investors’ behaviors and trends and use those insights to engage current and potential investors across marketing channels. For more information on SRAX, visit and




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